600 Calorie Diet – Benefits and Disadvantages

600 Calorie Diet

Should you try the 600 calorie diet.

Whenever you hear the term, 600 calorie diet,  we are pretty sure one person comes to mind ; and it is none other than Angelina Jolie, who, according to news report, ate only that much of calories throughout the day.  How she flaunts her skinny body, but is this right ? Food experts would not agree to this, unless of course for medical issues it is not advisable to reduce weight extremely within a short period of time. And that is exactly how it should be, so if you have no medical issues nor is your health at risk, then you have absolutely no business going on a 600 calorie diet plan.

The 600 calorie diet which belongs to the category of VLCDs (very low calorie diets), is well known among dieters for its potency to shred weight rapidly within a very limited time. It can lead to “Ketosis” in the body which causes the fat cells in it to be digested for energy in place of glucose. A lot of times people can swap normal meals in this diet with drinks, meal supplements, bars and soups.

Nevertheless, 600 calorie diets for any duration should not be self prescribed but should be done under professional medical supervision. Else, the result be more harmful than you could ever imagine.

Weight loss rate

If by chance you have been on a 2000 calorie diet before now, a 600 calorie diet would rapidly cut down 1400 calories from your meal platter on a daily basis. In a week, that would be 9800 calories , an equivalent of 3lbs of weight approx., which you can lose easily on this diet on a weekly basis. When you indulge yourself in low to moderate stages of exercise during the diet phase would help you shred more weight.



  • If there’s any visible advantage of this diet, then it’s the accelerated speed of weight loss.
  • Primary research studies have shown that the 600 zest x meal plan is as capable of attacking and stopping Diabetes (Type 2).
  • VLCDs have been given credibility for stimulating longevity in people when adopted for a shorter period of time, and the 600 calorie arrangement lives up to its name.


  • If not taken under proper medication VLCDs can harmful to your health.
  • Extended use can slow down body metabolism
  • If body metabolism is slow, the individual can regain weight soon as they stop the diet and start eating normally.
  • VLCDs also causes the growth of gallstones in dieters.
  • 1 day meal plan for 600 calorie diet
  • Liquid meal diets and juice fasting diets are part of the 600 calorie diets. But if you want to include food in your diet, read this.


1 cup (8 oz.) of unsweetened black coffee (8 calories) + 2 hard-boiled eggs (156 calories)

Or , you can have a slice of 7 grain toast with 1 pat of unsalted butter (101 calories) + 1 cup of cappuccino (56 calories) + 1 almond (7 calories).


For lunch, learn the cooking procedure and medium.

1 (3 oz) grilled skinless chicken breast without oil or fat (110 calories) + 1 cup of chopped lettuce (8 calories).

Another good choice to try is, a cup of garden salad with low-fat cheese, egg, tomato and carrots. That would be around 118 calories as well.


8 oz. of unsweetened black tea with 1 unsalted cracker – approx. 20 calories


1 serving (1 ¼ cup) of Spicy shrimps with rice noodles would give you 299 calories.

Also you can you can try 1 serving (1 ¼ cup) of Grilled chicken brown rice salad for 299 calories. Add pitted cherries and black pepper for more flavor.

Planning your own 600 calorie meal

To begin with, let a professional dietician plan your 600 calorie diet, they know exactly what is right for your body and so provide the best advice on what to eat. Here are some basic pointers to keep in mind –

  • Make sure to eat raw/steamed veggies and uncut fruits for best nutrition result
  • Lean meat/fish and low-fat dairy make a good food selection
  • By all means, totally avoid processed sugar
  • Always remember to make use of calorie chart when choosing a food
  • Remember to consult your health visitor before embarking on a l600 calorie diet.